Omaxe phase 3 New Chandigarh

Wondering how to search the best apartment of your dreams?
The thought of the “best” apartment certainly varies from person to person; these tips should help you find the apartment that suits you.
We know the place that you are looking for is just at Omaxe cassia floors. This place has all the elements that can define your perfect home and this society has been considered as the one of the best in surrounding areas, land covered in 10 acres.

With 3 storeybuilding and 52 units constructed and 70 % opened area in society. Perfect 3 bhk and 4 bhk flats with more than 1725- 2300 sq. meter. Here greenery is more widely spread. The living spaces are more spacious. The facilities and amenities are more modern. The living more secure, Omaxe Cassia Floors, where the grass is always greener on your side.

Better environment for your children’s:-
All parent are concerned about the atmosphere that their child is going to have and they cares about who is going to around their children and they all want to keep an eye on them that is why our investors and architects have kept this thing mind and has created a perfect atmosphere for the children’s in Omaxe Cassia Floors:
1. Playful parks
2. Grounds with proper sports section
3. Community centers for all sort of indoors games
4. Gymnasium.

Club House:-
It has a beautiful club that fills up all the needs of every age citizen living in the society.

Meditation Center:- 
Feeling stressed don’t worry meditate in the center release your stress.

Kids Play Area:-
Playful parks for the children, so that they can play at their best and their physical ability be up to the mark.

Swimming Pool:-
Huge swimming pool for swim lovers, learn relax and enjoy in the pool while paying no charges as you are the part of this magnificent society.

Landscape Garden/Park:- 
Beautiful parks and garden with 100 + varieties of fauna and flora.

Open Space:-
Lean on the grass, walk under the shadows of the stars because this society has beautiful open sky space.

Firefighting Equipment:-
Fully safety measures taken and trained staff and whole society has been equipped with safety equipments, ready to take on any situation that comes the way.

Power Backup:-
Producing their own electricity and back for several days, generators to keep the society lighted even in the dark days.

24 Hour Water Supply:-
Society has 24 hrs convinces of and back up for water to keep the water running.

Movie theatre and drama theatre for movie lovers as well as extracurricular activity lovers so that entertainment won’t be stopped.

Nursery School:-
Mostly parents are worried about their new born children and but education is must and so that is why they don’t want to send them away and that is why this society has opened a nursery school for children’s with certified teachers and staff to take care of them.

24X7 Security:-
Safety is always a issue so that Omaxe Cassia Floors has taken care of it if anyone tries to enter than proper documents will be taken and entry will be issued.