Life can give you sudden change you can’t predict the next moment of your life  and if have to change your place then its quite obvious that you can’t buy a house every time you shift  so there are certain essential checks which certainly you might be aware of as a tenant. it is equally essential to check the rental agreement for some of the most important points before you sign it in order to avoid any kind of  problems  while living on rent in the favorite house.

Initially it starts with the issues like repairs and bills and go on to unexpected rental hike. So, settling it all in the rental agreement needs to be your primary concern when you are about to sign the agreement.

Here are a few aspects and clauses you must not ignore and should be added at the time of agreement.

Read the Agreement Carefully

It may sound too basic and evident but the truth is that most of the tenants either do not read the whole agreement carefully or unable to understand the legal language used in the agreement. There may be times when you are simply staring at the agreement to decipher the meaning of your legal rental agreement. It is certainly not wise to interpret that the things promised are mentioned in the agreement by the landlord and you can trustfully sign on the dotted line. If you are not able to interpret what exactly the clauses mean, it is recommended that you consult a lawyer instead.

Check the Landlord Details

The details of the landlord does not only mean checking the background of the landlord. Rather it is essential to check the details on the papers when you are about to sign the agreement. Ensure that the person you have been talking to as the landlord signs on the agreement as a landlord with you. There have been instances when the landlord has handed over the property to a relative or a caretaker and they further lease it to third party without the knowledge of the actual owner of the property. So, verify each detail of the landlord including the title documents.

Overhead Charges

All new projects by reputed builders are facilitated with power backup, water tank and other utility services. However, tenants shouldn’t just be told about overhead charges verbally. These charges should be transparently mentioned in the agreement. Tenants must check these before signing the agreement.

Damage and Repair Costs

Specify the damage or repair costs in the rent agreement before you move in. This is of utmost importance as this may cost you a fortune if some major damages are seen when you vacate the property.

It is indeed too crucial to read the above said postulates in your rent agreement in order to avoid any discrepancies with your landlord.