Sunny Enclave Sector 125, Mohali

Aero Smart Home is an urban project situated in Sunny Enclave sector 125/123, Mohali on 200ft international airport road. Aero Smart Home represents a 3BHK deluxe smart home. The project offers the best Structure and Facilities.

Aero Smart Home offers smart living at a Desirable Location at the most prominent location of Tricity.

Phenomenal & Perfect Features & Amenities. Appealing Architecture with an amazing Design.


Home Automation

Aero Smart Home offers retrofit home automation. It provides a number of facilities such as the sensors that can identify your phone when you reach home and open your door or on your front lights for you by itself.

Proper Gated Society

Aero Smart Home located in a proper gated society but it also has proper ventilation and Adequate Sunlight Crossing. It leads you to an integrated Lifestyle.

Fully Residential Area

Aero Smart Homes is situated in a totally residential area and it completely excludes the business or industrial area. Safety is the top priority for all. Living in a fully residential area keeps you safe. You can build a healthy relationship with people around you and celebrate the festivals as group activities.


Aero Smart Home provides you the best Wi Fi connections. It offers you strong Wi Fi connections with a perfect location for your Wi Fi Router. This will make your apartment A Smart Apartment.

Open Space

Aero Smart Home offers you a huge space for parking and gardening. Greenery refines the air quality. It may help you to grow emotionally and socially. Nowadays people prefer their homes with increased open space. This can help your children to play games and do various sports activities inside the home which is safe for them too.

Big Balcony

Aero Smart Home has airy balconies. The Balcony space is very useful for Relaxing your mind when you want to stay outside. This little space is best for reading and enjoying your meals. You can interact with the neighbors. You can always have a glimpse of outside events from your balcony.

Quality Finished Flooring

Aero Smart Home has the best option of flooring to make it look more royal. Here, the best quality of the material is used to make it more durable.

Flexible Hydraulic kitchen

Renovation of a kitchen is not a trouble-free task. Aero Smart Home has modernized the kitchens in the best possible way. It has the comfort of a Luxurious modular kitchen.

Eco-Friendly Environment

Aero Smart Homes are far away from the polluted city area. It gives you a huge green area to feel fresh every day.

Adjacent to All Daily Needs

Aero Smart Home offers a perfect place to live where you can find all of your daily needs nearby.

Club House

By having thought of Resident’s convenience & Lifestyle, Aero Smart Home provides its own clubhouse. This is a dedicated area for gaming, group meetings, parties, get-togethers. It also has a work-out for all the residents.


Either in low rise flats or high rise flats, Step-free Entrance is required. So, Aero Smart Home also understands your basic necessities and provides your lift services.

Swimming Pool

Aero Smart Home has a huge swimming pool area to improve your health and fitness.


Aero Smart Home is more concerned about your safety and security. It provides you the facility of security guard Services. It will keep you, your family, and your possession much safer.